Faith, Trust and Putting Pixie Dust on Twitter

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Twitter scares the heck out of a lot of people but let me put on my wizard hat and try to take some of that Twitter fear away.

You can Tweet for fun or you can Tweet for business or you can do both.  You only have 140 little characters to work with and that makes it so easy to be creative.  In fact I limit my Tweets to around 120 characters so my Tweets can be re-posted in what we all call Re-Tweets or RT’s.

There are some large companies who totally rely on Tweet updates for all employees, email has become passe’ in some arenas of communication.

You can Tweet from anywhere including your bed if you want because Twitter is mobile.  I Tweet from waiting rooms, from my car in a parked position (please), from a bar or restaurant while waiting for someone, and more.

You can share so much in whatever format you choose, you can promote yourself, your business, your thoughts and your feelings.

Are you feeling the Pixie Dust yet?

When you use Twitter the right way you can build on your exposure.  Exposure – now there’s a funny word.  Always remember Anthony Weiner and then remember to never Tweet anything you wouldn’t send your mother.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, now would be the right time to get one and do everything requested to make it yours.  Put a wonderful picture up, fill out your profile, complete every option.  If you have more than one Twitter account I advise using the same picture of yourself.  I know those of you in business are thinking “but what about my company logo?”  The answer is simple when it comes to setting up your account you can design your own background.  It isn’t hard at all.  For example if you look at my twitter account for this blog the same butterflies are floating around in the background as are on everything else I have for marketing.  My business cards, my fliers, my Facebook page, same logo – consistency is important.

If you go to my real estate Twitter page /teamsanek you will see me, same picture, background is our logo of castles.

I will continue writing about Twitter in my next several blog articles.  For now I want you to get started and open an account(s) or fix the ones you have.  Catch me later this week when I come back to float more Pixie Dust all around you.




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