Filter? Yes or No? Do You Have a Filter?


Filter? Yes or no? Do you have a filter?  Or do you just put together a bunch of words that you could possibly regret later and slap them up, sit back and smoke a cigarette?  Of course you don’t smoke a cigarette, the thought just seemed to fit.

Of all the social media platforms Facebook gives us an opportunity to filter our thoughts.  We can create lists and we can use these lists to distribute our updates to people whom we want to reach.

Recently someone told me I should filter my Facebook thoughts because “I am in business and people might not appreciate my updates.”


First of all most of my FB posts are delivered by me using lists.  Friends see the real Carole, other people see a more professional Carole,   I have a breast cancer list, guess what they see.  I have a list of people who see exciting ideas I have, I have a list of people who see my family pictures (family), I have a list for real estate because I still work in that field, I have a list that excludes clients, and a helluva lot more lists.  I even have a list for the county I live in, for my high school, and my favorite list is where I share secrets and that list is for true, loyal friends.

I do take extra steps to filter my thoughts by using FB lists and yes if you are a “fringe friend” meaning you are living on the edge with me, you don’t see everything I post because you do not deserve to see it.  You did not earn the right to see what I share with those closest to me.  The “problem” with social media is that people just post without thinking.

I like using lists and it only takes me 15 seconds to make a choice when I post on FB.  So shut the heck up about me needing to use a filter.  Guess who is now on a different list?

I always think when people tell you that you need a filter that they believe your “finger pointing” post was about them.  Let those with a guilty conscience raise your hand.

I realize not everyone uses lists so yes I would say some people need to filter their thoughts more often because mean and ugly doesn’t win friends and it could hurt your business.

I don’t post anything political (although I did share a great Donald Trump meme).  I don’t fight with people regarding their beliefs.  Hate is everywhere and I avoid it..

I think about every post.  Obviously many people don’t know how to use a filter, they need to zip their mouths and try using distribution lists.

I do filter my updates.  Do you?

Zip it or Use a Distribution List on Facebook.


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