Been Flamed? Here is Your Flame Extinguisher.


Last weekend I attended an educational event in one of the career hats I wear.  When I walked in the room John Doe approached me without barely saying hello and told me that I probably needed to unfriend him on Facebook due to the fact that John was about to launch a scorching (his words) flame attack on one of my customers.

I have known about the issue since it started due to the fact that John, who likes to cry about things, had been telling me about the drama for months.

So what do you think I did?

I did what he suggested.  My loyalty to my customer is my top moral, ethical concern.  John was never a friend.  What he is, IMHO,


Flames (Photo credit: Velo Steve)

is an unprofessional person whose reputation for being an asshat (description given from another friend) is preceding him.

The bottom line is that when you cast your asshat into the drama ring and flame someone who looks worse you or the person/company you are flaming?

Note to John:  You are getting recognition, negative recognition, for doing this and it isn’t the first time either.  When you start to get a bad reputation word spreads, and when you act like an asshat on line well you are an asshat.

Here is a link to how to handle flaming that we all should know and have in place in a social media policy.

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