Monday Morning Gratitude Post Focus Recess Time


It’s Monday morning gratitude moment for me. There is always something to be grateful for or so “they” say, whoever “they” are. We are just too busy to look for these things most of the time.

Focus Recess What’s That?

How I feel after a #FocusRecess break.

How I feel after a #FocusRecess break.

One of the segments of my podcast show is called Less Than 5.  The long name is actually Less Than 5 Minute Marketing Moments and it has been a very successful show.  It runs Monday through Friday an on Fridays I always talk about taking what I call a #FocusRecess.

I talk about the importance of unplugging from business/career thoughts and plugging into things that make you feel good, or help you relax, and when you do this it is no surprise that great new ideas happen.

We all have to step back and do this.  Our brains need that break.  Energy flows need to be rerouted now and then to allow the new and great to happen.  We all know when we think to hard it is exhausting and rarely brings us that light bulb moment.

Saturday a good friend of mine got the phone call she has been waiting for, the liver transplant team at Cleveland Clinic had a liver that looked like a good match.  She was picked up by private jet and brought from Denver to Cleveland in hopes that this would be the happy ending she has been waiting for all these years.  I know some of you are thinking of the prohibitive cost in all of this.  She was accepted into this program on Medicaid, there is no cost to her.

As I was taking my #FocusRecess day yesterday my thoughts and prayers were all about my friend.  I was constantly checking my phone.  I texted her hoping she would get the text, my heart soared when she responded and I could tell her that she has this and that I love her.

My grateful meter is very full today, and my #FocusRecess which was supposed to be a special day with my husband was still a success because I was reminded how fragile life really is.  I was reminded how good it is to have a grateful heart.  I was reminded that when I am grateful I do start to have wonderful thoughts about my business and I did have a light bulb moment of a new direction I want to take.

My friend is stable.  There is a long road ahead of her, but today I will take stable as the word of the day.

Try taking a #FocusRecess.  It doesn’t have to be on the weekends.  Just let it all go for a short time and see what happens to you.  Unplug and enjoy and you will have amazing things come down your energy pathways.  I guarantee it.

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