Free Advice on Not Working for Free


Yes, it’s Friday and a good day to stop readers in their tracks by giving out free advice on not working for free.

This is something I had to learn to stop doing.  Free doesn’t pay the bills.  Late payments don’t pay the bills.  I work on a retainer basis – I get paid upfront.  If/when a client is late they get no grace period.  Work stops.  Work begins again when payment is made.

It took a strong stomach to do it the first time, then it got easier.  Does free fill your gas tank?  Does free fill your belly?  You know the answer.  Stop being nice.  Nice doesn’t fill your gas tank or your belly either.

Now just to play with your minds let me tell you what you can do for free but remember time is money so you have to really limit what you are going to do for free.  If you can give something away that guarantees a lead or business in the future then do that.  A free e-book, a free white paper, something of value that doesn’t take a lot of time to create.

I have a software program that can tell someone in less than a minute how their web presence is – and I have bo problem sending out a free report because at the end of the day if your web presence is lousy fixing it could bring you more customers.  It’s a win/win.

Yes, this is the day I have to let a client know all work stops till I am paid.  Bet your bottom dollar they stop work to their clients when they don’t get paid.

Stop working for free - it doesn't get you anywhere but on the road to being aggravated.

Stop working for free – it doesn’t get you anywhere but on the road to being aggravated.


2 thoughts on “Free Advice on Not Working for Free

  1. Dot Cannon

    I love this one, Carole! Once again, you nailed it. (Now please stop being brilliant so I can stop reading you and get some work done.) 🙂

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