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Snail Mail

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Have you been running around in circles trying to figure out a way to get the word out about an event you or your company is having? Have you used traditional email blasts over and over again with not very impressive results? Are you dialing for RSVP’s? Are you tired of spending hours of your precious time doing these things when you could be doing things that put money in your pocket?

Boy have I got an idea for you.

I bet you have never considered using an event service such as Eventbrite. You type in a few words and hit send and the site handles the rest. You can customize the event and send it out all neatly packaged in a format to match what you are doing.

AND it’s FREE as long as the event you are creating is also FREE!

Who doesn’t love FREE?

Who doesn’t like setting up an event in 3 minutes too? I am President Elect for the Tampa Women’s Council of Realtors. We are going to hold monthly tech/social media roundtables and I have already seen what using Eventbrite can do to make my work easier. Invitees can accept or decline as soon as they open an invite and this will just make everyone’s life simpler all the way around.

We all know snail mail gets tossed in the trash can before it gets read and snail mail doesn’t fall into my favorite category of FREE. Try it – I guarantee you will like it or I will give you your money back-oh that’s right it is FREE!


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