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I Google my name at least once a month.  No I don’t do it because I love myself, I do it because I like myself and I want to know what is being said about me in case someone has not been kind.

Then there is the issue of images, I want to see the images that Google has with my name on them.

This is easy, go to Google and type your name in like this “your name” – with the quotation marks.  I share this little tidbit of knowledge in all my online classes.

It’s amazing but what if there is something there that paints you in a bad light or is totally completely false.

I dug into the vaults of Google information and came up with this advice:

Google Information Click Here

It definitely will take some work and some time on your part or you could write a blog post titled “I DID NOT DO WHAT GOOGLE SAYS I DID SO DO NOT BELIEVE IT.”  That will get you all kinds of positive reinforcement won’t it?

Remember though that Google is not the whole Internet even if it appears that way so you will have more work to do to clear your name.

Facebook and Twitter are much easier.  You have report options and I know first-hand that when you report something it will get taken care of PDQ.  Remember when you are posting to sites like this that they “own” everything you post right down to your photos.  People can copy what you say, copy your photos, copy any darn thing they want and you have no control over where it goes from there.  On the flip side if you post something and then delete it – breaking news it is not gone.  It can end up in court.  Facebook always has it on their servers.  It can be used in divorce, it can be used to ID people in a crowd when there has been a problem say with the law.

Mark Zuckerberg once said “a world that’s more open and connected is a better world.”  Of course he would say that.

How Your Private Photos Get “Stolen” from Facebook

Remember Mark’s sisters photos ended up on Twitter and boy was she ticked off.

Here is some really good advice about staying private on Facebook, Twitter and LInkedIn.

Condoms to Protect You

I totally freak out when I see babies with their own Facebook page.  I feel parents and grandparents who do this are missing 50% of their gray matter because if you really feel the need to have your baby’s pictures on Facebook so your family can see them, make a secret group.

Me, I am as transparent as the day is long.  I have a business, I don’t mind being found.  I want to be found.  Do I post photos, yes.  Do I post personal things, yes but with care.  Some of my posts are public especially blogs and links.  Many of my posts are to my friends only and I make lists and I use my lists.  I have a “special friends” list and that is where my girlfriend talk goes.  Yes I allow followers to my public posts, I have picked up customers from my followers and followers rarely get accepted as friends.

Speaking of friends and apps and other people and things that sound too good to be true, vet everyone.  I do.  I Google them, I Google the apps.  I Google everyone, everything and by the way Southwest Airlines is not giving away free tickets.  Stop clicking on that app.

The bottom line is you are in control of your privacy and when in doubt before you post or Tweet walk away and think about that post/photo/video.

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