**** Or Get Off the Pot over Facebook People


**** or get off the pot over Facebook people. Over the past several months I have gotten private emails and public comments from people who do not want to pay for ads to increase their business on Facebook.  As I write this post I know that some people will agree with what I have to say here, and other people will not – that’s fine.  This is a free country.

What’s not free is advertising, not any longer.  We had it good for a long time.  We designed our pages, we tagged our pages, we shared our pages and we had great engagement.  Then Big Bad Facebook actually had the nerve to change things and suddenly our pages went into that pot.

Come on people – we had it good. What do we have now?  We still have it good but it is no longer free.

You “rent” space on one of the most important places on the Internet – Facebook.  Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  You do not own that space, no you are “renting” it and believe me you can be evicted too.

Every time you whine about the Facebook changes, every time you complain about them all you are doing is beating a dead horse because if you are not willing to pay for advertising on Facebook you may as well list your page as a not for profit because you ain’t making one are you?

Sorry but it’s true.

This is a blog (I am not being facetious) and on this blog I own this space.  No one can evict me, I don’t have rules (at least none that I know of) and this is also an important place on the Internet.  I own it.  People choose to subscribe.  People read it through links I put every damn place I can think of, and that makes Carole a happy  Butterfly.

This is why I like blogging on a self-hosted blog site.

Time to **** or get off the pot people.  Make a budget, write down your goals and then spend time and or a little cash working with someone who knows the right way to run ads on Facebook.  Don’t just push buttons and think you have done the right thing, you probably won’t.

Here at The Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC we use Power Editor – a Chrome extension AND our ads go after page likes.

Yes we do – and then we provide awesomely great content to keep our fans interested, to keep them salivating,  to make them want more and leave hungry for the next one.  OK maybe we exaggerated a little there, but we feel getting likes and posting great content puts us and our clients on the road to success.

You went into business to make money.  You should have set up a budget and that budget should have marketing costs in it, and this is the time and place to spend it.

If you don’t agree either you were one of the lucky ones who succeeded before Facebook tweaked everything, or you don’t care if you own a not-for-profit.  I care, I have bills to pay, dogs to feed, places to go.Why is Money Green?





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