Golf with My Dad Before There Was a Need to Unplug


Golf with my dad before there was a need to unplug from time to time was Willy playing golf and me walking along with him and sitting on any available benches.  I was about 5 years old and I remember it well.  Now as an adult I realized he was prodded to take me along because my mom was pregnant with my brother and I was probably too high-energy for her.


Multiple Choice Golf

If I had golfed with my dad, this would have been me.

Those were the days.

We had a lot of free courses then and I really did not mind in fact I actually would watch golf on TV with my dad through the years.  I never played but it was a bonding experience, an unplugging experience.

I was never sure what the purpose was in smacking a little white dimpled ball with a large club or why a game of golf, that was supposed to be fun, could elicit a barrage of bad words from dad.  I just went with the flow.

Then there were the balls that got lost in the woods, in the water, I found that puzzling too.

I would trade my weight in gold (if I had that much gold) to walk the course one more time with my dad.  No matter why he “had” to take me with him, it gave me time with him and that was special.

Life is so different now.  We are living in a much busier world and a lot of that is due to all the amazing technology that has been invented that we cannot put down.  It is very hard to unplug – we all know that.  Look around at an event that is supposed to be social and social has taken on a new meaning.  Heads are bowed to our devices giving all of us a new way to keep our eyes on the ball.

It’s important to understand that attention is the mechanism we use to create our reality –and our reality these days is that we have to know what is happening.  In doing this though do we actually know what is happening in the sense of what should be important – family, friends, and ourselves?

Look at how we jump on that shiny new object – the new phone, the new tablet, new and improved is shouting at us all the time.

We are bombarded all the time with information that we are told we need, when in reality what we need to do is go hit that dimpled white ball with a club and play golf or better yet take a swing at unplugging.












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