Why #GoVirtual is My New Theme Song

You might virtually surprise yourself.

You might virtually surprise yourself.

Go ahead, ask me why #GoVirtual is my new theme song.  My answer is that for me #GoVirtual works.  I even registered the hashtag on twubs.com I felt that good about it, and believe me most hashtags with the word virtual in them are gone.  The word virtual is a popular word.

Why did I #GoVirtual?

It evolved.  I had been going to many different networking events for years.  I have been planting butterfly seeds everywhere.  I am well-branded.  Then there is that one “little” fact and it is one of my taglines.  “Where I live is just an address, where I work is the world.”

I travel to many conferences.  I have connections all over the world.  My friends/fans/connections/followers in many cases are people I could call up and have a conversation with, ask for help, interview for my podcast shows and more.  I am international and I wanted to grow bigger in this arena.

I made the decision to stop local networking.  It wasn’t a snap decision.  I talked it over with a coach.  In fact I talked it over with several coaches.  Once the decision was made to spend more time in my office or in my studio I actually felt relieved.  I do miss my friends, many of them are reading this post.  I miss you.  On the flip side I live an hour one-way from most events.  A trip into the city for a luncheon is about $50 a pop when I add in tolls and gas, and then it’s 1/2 of my business day.

Earlier this year when I re-designed my website and used my new Fascinate Advantage anthem my business doubled, then tripled.  I am thrilled about that and of course that means I do need to be in my office more to answer calls, texts and emails promptly.

I am not suggesting anyone should stop local networking at all.  I am saying that doing some virtual networking though can help and also save you time and money.  Maybe you are thinking to yourself that national or international contacts would not help your business.  Maybe you are right, and then again what is wrong with being mentioned nationally or internationally where local people who have never heard of you suddenly want to talk to you?

There are so many ways to handle virtual networking.  If you are interested in knowing more about how I did it and how it has worked for me, I am an email away at carole@carolesanek.com

I also talk about this and more on http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com where I give daily #LessThan5 minute marketing moment tips.