Happy Second Week of January 2017


Cheers, and happy second week of January, 2017!  On one of my to-do lists is a memo to blog more frequently and send it out through my newsletter.  Working on that now.

There are a lot more things on my to-do lists and yes I have more than one to-do list.  Sounds crazy right, but it works for me.  I have 2 legal pads, one is on my main desk, the second one goes with me everywhere I go, and then to top it all off I have a written schedule and a white board hanging in my podcast studio.  I write everything down, I don’t use my device, I write it all down.

Last year I had 8 speaking engagements.  4 were really good-sized events, the other 4 were local meetings and just as important to me.  I like doing them, but to be totally honest I have so many wonderful things I am working on that prepping a speaking engagement falls to the bottom of my list this year.  However the cool thing that happened a year ago  is that I stated and put into writing that I would have no less than 5 speaking engagements last January for 2016 and I got 8.  Putting things out into the universe is magical.  Things happen when you do this.

Could I have 10 million dollars please?

OK the chances of that happening are slim but my husband does play the lottery when the pot gets big, so you never know, right?

This year I am putting out to the universe that I intend to be planning a huge event in 2018 and that the plans will start by the end of 2017.

I don’t make resolutions – instead I write a monthly plan and I put it on social media. Take February, 2017 for example; I said I would have 2 new clients that month (they are already on board and no I did not know this in advance of posting.)

I have something for every month from launching my new website http://workingwomenworld.com to starting to invite guest bloggers, start webinars, launch an audio podcast there, launch a video podcast there, and more.  Then I threw in planning a Christmas trip to the old world starting in Prague and ending in Interlaken.  I also told the universe I will be in California in August to do some interviewing and meet with some very interesting thought leaders.

There are other things on my monthly goal list but you get the idea.

In the middle of all this on New Years Day we were coming home from a fabulous fun brunch with friends.  As we drove past a new housing development I was suddenly taken back to my beginnings in real estate here in Florida when I was a buyer’s agent selling only new construction.  Just because I do not have enough on my plate I looked at Larry and said “I want to be VP of the New Homes Division of Castle Dream Real Estate, LLC.”  He did not have a new homes division but he liked the idea and now I am just that.

People ask me how I do everything that I do and I am going to share my secret right here, right now.  I work in batches.  On Mondays I prep all my client work for the week.  Tuesdays are my research days.  I have a list of things I need to learn and that is my day for that (including French lessons).  Wednesday is podcasting – all day everything is all about podcasting.  Thursdays I am VP of the New Homes Division and Fridays is Working Women World all day.

Have you read “The One Thing: the Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller and Jay Pappasan?  I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept as I read the book, so I asked a friend who works with Keller Williams and knows both men how to do one thing and only one thing.  When we were done talking I created my own version.  I do one thing a day, I batch work on one thing every work day and believe me it works.

While it may not be what Gary and Jay had in mind, it works for me.

The only day my phone is off is podcast day.  No interruptions that day.  The rest of the week I glance at it and decide if I need to take the interruption.

Weekends are mine.  Saturday I batch cook.  I make big meals and freeze them.  I work around the house, in the yard, or we shop.  Sundays I read books and catch up on some of my favorite television shows which usually are PBS shows.  Yes, I occasionally do some work on weekends but only if/when necessary.

Personal appointments are made at 4PM Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Do things get screwed up?  Sure they do, and I just figure out what I can skip or do on the weekend and lose no sleep over it all.

Wine helps.

I highly recommend batching your work, I swear by it and sometimes I swear at it.

There you have it, my secret, my goals, my joy in what I do.

Happy 2017 and please feel free to share with me what you do and how you do it.

I am easy to reach carole@carolesanek.com

Thank you so much.