Has Pinterest Caught Your Interest (Yet)


Well has Pinterest caught your interest yet or do you still regard it as a chick flick for social media?  Wake Up and Smell the Perfume

If you think that is what it is you better wake up and smell the perfume.  Pinterest has company pages now and if you jump on board quickly you will still be ahead of the pack in marketing your business whatever it is.

Fact:  80% of pinned pictures are re-pinned.  How would you like to be in that 80%?

Fact:  Pinterest reached 10 million visitors faster than any other social media platform.

Fact:  Pinterest is connected to 10 million Facebook users.

Fact: Pinterest is the 4th largest search platform and is ahead of Yahoo.

Fact: Pinterest shoppers will spend $170 on average on Pinterest and only $85 on Twitter and even less on Facebook.

Fact: 70% of Pinterest users are there for inspiration on what to buy.

Question: And you are where?

How is the perfume smelling now?

Wake Up and Smell the Perfume

Listen if you don’t want to play with Pinterest I will do it for you – I am but a phone call or email away.



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