Hookers on Twitter


Have you seen hookers on Twitter?

When did they stop hanging out on the corners and start hanging out on Twitter?  Do they really turn tricks that way?

When I teach a class I am live – nothing thrills the attendees more than “Wanna F*ck” tweets showing up on the screen.  I start my classes with a verbal disclaimer that I am not responsible for what shows up on my screen.  Seriously – it gets a laugh.

Then to add insult to injury comes the porn sites.  These are charming sites that also show up but at least they are not quite as blunt as the hookers are on Twitter.

I think most of us are pretty savvy and we know better when it comes to opening the Tweet that says “someone is saying terrible things about you”.  That one is usually a weight loss whatever and all your followers get spammed from you, and Twitter closes you down until you change your password.  Is it that obvious I have been down that road?

My other pet peeve about Twitter is they just allow people to take derivatives of “bad” words and turn them into Twitter handles.  I am not that old.  I am not a prude.  I just wish they had some kind of mechanism in place to disallow some of those names.

I will back away from my opinions now, I had my say.  I know, nothing is going to change but I did get to write about it today.Hookers on Twitter



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