HOW TO: Use HootSuite as a Marketing Tool

Hootsuite Twitter Client for Android

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I am on vacation (and working) who really takes a vacation when they are in real estate? Oh you did not know I am in real estate?  Yes I am-but don’t let that make you want to run and hide.  I am the Director of Marketing for a boutique agency in Tampa, Florida but my main business is being the Social Butterfly.

I came across this article last week on Facebook from Mashable who got it from CNN and since I talk a lot about linking things together I am also going to pass this article on as well as send it out to everything I am linked to with one button.  One send button is all it takes for this blog post to go to my matching Facebook page (note I said page not personal profile.)  It will also go to 2 Twitter accounts, my LinkedIN account, and more.  Oh yes so much more.

I hear your wheels turning – what is so much more?  I already hit the main SMM platforms.  Yes I did BUT I also am connected through to 4 more microblogging sites as well as 8 more blog platforms.

When I first realized the importance of social media I did my research and I took many classes and somewhere along the way came up.  I checked it out, chose the platforms I wanted to use, then I spent the afternoon setting up profiles with real pictures and real facts about me.  It was that simple.

Then the buzz was created regarding one-stop social media linking and for a while I used Tweetdeck BUT there was a void for me.  Tweetdeck did not allow me to post to my pages on Facebook and I administer 3 pages for other people as well as my own multiple pages of which I have lost count LOL.

I wanted one-stop linking and I found that in the sweet little owl known as Hootsuite.  I am in love with Hootsuite Pro.  That little cutie pie could put his shoes under my bed any night of the week.  I love him.  I think it’s is a “him”. is available to me on Hootsuite.  When I finish this blog article I will copy the URL and paste it into an update and let it fly-get it?  I will let it fly. (groan)

I love anything that flies, that is why I am the Social Butterfly and my slogan is “Come Fly with Me” – I could go on, ok I will, my ring tone is Sinatra singing that song and I will stop here.

Before I go – I truly recommend Hootsuite – try it for 30 days free you will want it for sure.


HOW TO: Use HootSuite as a Marketing Tool.

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