How I Make Thousands of Dollars/Month Using Twitter


Do you want to know how I make thousands of dollars/month using Twitter? Or does this sound like one of those ads that used to run in the back of cheap magazines?

When I was a little girl I was fascinated by all those ads for Frederick’s of Hollywood.  I couldn’t believe they sold under garments with padding but I always read their ads.  Panties with padded areas to add luscious curves?  What happens when you take them off?  Surprise for someone.

Still make me laugh.

Still make me laugh.

Back to making thousands of dollars/month on Twitter.  If you are reading this my headline worked.  I chose it purposefully because I get paid to know what works.  I am a #SocialMediaPR person.  I troll the internet looking for the newest and latest way to grab people’s attention.

The headline just happens to be true.  It’s not a scam I actually do make thousands of dollars a month because I used Twitter properly, not just because I use Twitter.

I am going to share my tips for success on Twitter with you after all statistics show that not everyone reading this will implement it so I am not throwing the baby out with the bathwater here.

  • I do use an automatic thank-you-for-following-me response but unlike the advice given by others there is nothing in it that takes you to a landing page or asks you to like my page on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn. Those are just plain spammy.  No, I ask one question and it gets conversation going.  I tailor that question to who I am on Twitter and who I am looking for to follow me.
  • I answer every direct mention and every direct message I receive with the exception of those spammy thank you messages mentioned above.  I thank every person who favorites or RT’s a Tweet.  Seriously I do.  I also don’t sound automatic in my response.  I am looking to build rapport and I am human.
  • I use several software programs that send my Tweets out for me.  I do this for all my customers too.  It is labor intensive to start a Twitter success program with me, and I don’t come cheap when I am hired for my Twitter program but as Red Adair said “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”
  • I run a clean Twitter account.  I remove followers who do not speak English, I remove followers with fake profiles, and I do remove followers who do not follow me back.  With the exception of the very famous social media/celebrity-in-their-field people of course.  They go on lists and I look at my lists several times a day.  I give people I follow about two weeks to follow back and I also sometimes prod them to follow me back.  If not BAM – gone.
  • Twitter is a business tool for me first and foremost, yes, I have established some new friendships there, but I learned early on to see the Twitter bird in the shade of green money is printed in and not as happy-go-lucky little dude that makes me warm and fuzzy.  I prefer to be cool and fed (I live in Florida – Twitter bird shows me the money that keeps me comfortable, fed and clothed.)
  • I spend time there, I really look at Tweets, I have been blessed with highly intuitive skills and it did not take long for me to see a pattern in the niche of people I wanted to have hire me.  You can to this too.  Just know what you are looking for and it will emerge.  My biggest customer is someone who responded to me and our conversation just took off.
  • It won’t always work that way, so don’t jump in and immediately try to sell yourself, your service, your product.  That is a HUGE turn off to every body.

You have to be consistent and conversational.  You have to sound like a real human being.  You have to go slow and you will know when the timing is right to suggest that you might be able have a solution. (Note I said suggest not ask!)

How long did it take me to go from zero to thousands?  Here is my one last little secret.  I did get help.  I had a very well-connected friend spend about 6 hours with me coaching me on Twitter.  We finished at the end of February and June was my turning point.

Stop dreaming do it!

Stop dreaming do it!

Twitter is a trending news platform for many people, for me it is a money-making machine, and it can be for you too.  I promise.


4 thoughts on “How I Make Thousands of Dollars/Month Using Twitter

  1. Cami Jaen-Sepulveda

    worked on my twitter marketing today and got a conversation going with a big “green” company that I follow. I thanked them for a retweet and asked a question. They answered!!! I also blocked someone that posts only in Hungarian. And found out that a A list movie actor is following us!!!!! Thanks Carole.

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