How Much Email is Too Much Email in Business?


How much email is too much?  It depends.  There is a business where I live that where everyone affiliated with it sends one with the same content – that is TOO much email.  I emailed them.  I asked to be removed from their mailing list and the answer was they basically did not know how to do that.

Bull-oney.  You are sending a mass email, go into the distribution list and remove my name.  Worse yet they have no unsubscribe.  Email jail, they need to go there because it’s spammy stuff I don’t want.

I dug my heels in and hit Google for a search.  I found this:

I don’t have a problem saying who is doing this – it is the local business where I live that is supposed to be in business to give community support for everyone in the county, residents and business alike.

I only unsubscribe from companies or people I actually know.  Why?  I just don’t want the spammers to know I have a live account.  It seems that every time I unsubscribe I get 10X more spammy emails that many time can be identified if I dig deep as former spammers.

Do you unsubscribe or do you delete email?Email Delete





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