I Write an Award-Winning Blog


I write an award-winning blog. I am a writer first and foremost.

What else am I?  Well the description I am using these days is “Expressive Creator”.

My 9 second introductory speech sounds like this:

“Hi I’m Carole.  I develop visually-oriented content for clients using my insightful emotions and expressive energy.”

Translation I paint pictures in people’s heads about life, about you, about your business, about my business, about almost anything.

How is your 9 second introduction?  30 second elevator speeches are passe’.  People tune you out quickly these days so our team took the Fascinate course and came up with our own 9 second intros.

I was just informed that my blog http://isurviveddamnneareverything.com has been named and awarded for the second year in a row as being one of the 60 best cancer blogs by http://blog.delimmune.com/2014/05/top-cancer-blogs/


I am damn proud of it and proud of being here still today writing in humor and truth.

I am damn proud of it and proud of being here still today writing in humor and truth.

I get it that cancer is a topic most people have no excitement about but my blog is not just about cancer.  I write about many topics and I have a category about Surviving After Breast Cancer.  All my categories start with the word “surviving” and kudoes to the delimmune people because they like posts that are not cancer related.  In fact this is what they wrote about me:

Carole Sanek has survived more horrific things than most of us can even fathom. Some of her most life-altering struggles occurred before her breast cancer diagnosis, but she’s now put it all behind her – cancer included – and is thriving. A writer, published author and social media manager, Carole runs multiple blogs and has recently launched an After Breast Cancer project which will bring together the voices and incredible stories of many survivors and women living with breast cancer. Learn more about Carole on her Facebook page, After Breast Cancer Reviving Surviving Thriving, or on her personal Facebook page here.

Three posts we like from I Survived Damn Near Everything:

I am so excited to be in the top 60 again – color me in the pink.

I am very grateful and let me say this one more time.  I write an award-winning blog.  I am a writer first and foremost.



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