Is Facebook Serious About Bringing Us the Hashtag?


Facebook And HashtagsI read that Facebook is serious about bringing us the hashtag. Me?  I decided to have some fun with the idea so  I am being tongue in cheek in this blog but wait I could be on to something.

Many people use that little tic-tac-toe looking thing that lives over the number 3 on your keyboard.  I remember when it stood for “number” or “pound”.  Now it looks like it is going to migrate over from #Twitter (where it is a clickable little dude) to Facebook where it is not (yet).

Me, myself and I think it needs to migrate over because it will enhance the searching part of Facebook that up until the advent of Graph Search was just plain not very good.

Let’s look at what a hashtag actually does on #Twitter.

A hash tag simply gives people a way to search for tweets that have a common topic.It makes our #Twitter searches and lives easier.

Now I understand that there are Facebook users that have a problem with #Twitter because of the fact that #Twitter is a “real time” adventure in social media while Facebook is more of a social warm and fuzzy place to share memories.

#Twitter is where things are trending, they are not really trending on Facebook (yet).

Look at the hashtag from an advertising point of view – Madison Avenue uses them everywhere they can.  People use them on Facebook even though they have no meaning (yet).

They are popular, they win the contest of being the most popular symbol on social media hands down.

Then there is another symbol to think about and that is the $ sign.  Imagine if someone started using it as a way to alert us to common money-making ideas on #Twitter.  It might look like this:




This could be the next exciting shiny new object in social media marketing.

What do you think about the foray of the hashtag into the Facebook world? Please leave a comment below or use symbols.



2 thoughts on “Is Facebook Serious About Bringing Us the Hashtag?

  1. CaroleSanek Post author

    I teach FB to local senior citizens (part of how I give back to my community) when I show them what graph search does they are always “shocked” because I explain that new program as one more way FB is putting their info in front of businesses like Google does and makes money doing it. Hashtags will give FB one more way to see what we all like etc and is one more way to inform others. I tell people to remember all the time we do not own what we put out there once we put it out there. Thanks for the comment.

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