What Would My Keyboard Say if it Could Talk


What would my keyboard say if it could talk?

  • Cover your ears
  • Do you eat with that mouth?
  • Parental guidance alert

My keyboard would probably say more than that and the answer is yes I eat with this mouth.  When (if) I get carried away in expressing myself in any of my blogs (and yes I have other blogs) I never publish without re-reading and yes editing out words or phrases that could offend someone.

Except for bullshit.  I like that word.  You know that there is plenty of bullshit being dumped all over social media sites so my writing that word just validates what you already are thinking, right?

Could I trust my keyboard to keep my secrets though?  Let’s ask.  Oh keyboard would you divulge my secrets for successful writing to the world?

Keyboard speak is in Italics (no not Italian – Italics).

Content Creation

My keyboard giving away some of my secrets to finding content to write about.

Well, readers, first of all she reads a lot of other blogs and when she does this she always comes up with a new idea for something to write about.  She calls that “beating writer’s block”. Now now, she is only getting ideas I would lock this keyboard down otherwise.

She also gets great ideas for writing titles by looking at magazine covers – especially the ones that have those white plastic covers on them in the grocery store check out lines.  She knows provacative titles get articles read.

She works with the TV on in the background because ideas pop into her head there too, even from the evening news.

There you have it – my keyboard has told the truth and has given you a couple of my secrets for content ideas.  You have to look around yourself instead of staring at the document screen, you will find great material – promise.




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