Launching A Successful Business


Launching a successful business is your dream right?  You want to be your own boss.  You have an entrepreneurial spirit.  You work well alone.  You have some money in the bank.

Whatever – if you want to launch a successful business here are some tips for doing that.

  • Pick a name that will live longer than you will.  What if your business becomes publicly traded some day?  You need a great name.
  • Now that you have the idea you have to have a plan.  If you need capital you seriously need a plan.  The SBA offers a lot of help on their site.
  • Take some courses in your dream – and if what you want to do involves accreditation – get it.  That certificate on the wall is extremely important.  If you need a license, get that.  Do NOT fake it till you make it.  That’s BS and will not work – you will be exposed and risk losing all you worked for too.
  • Know your competition.  Why do you think Lowes builds near Home Depot, or Walgreens near CVS?  Research shows that inter-connected industries all do better when clustered together.
  • Have you considered Kickstarter?  Do you know women meet their goals there better then men do according to a study from the University of Pennsylvania.

By all means you should follow your dreams of launching a business.  Don’t spin your wheels, don’t waste time.  Get assistance and advice and go for it.

Follow your dreams - do it!

Follow your dreams – do it!


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