Get More Likes on Facebook By Doing 1 Thing


The number one question I get asked every time I give a presentation is this; “How do I get more likes (fans) on my Facebook page?”

My answer, in my head is oh crap what do I tell them now?  There are 100+ posts on Google I am sure all answering this question and all spewing bullshit.  I am serious.  Getting more fans on your page has to do first of all with what the page is about.

For example I have a page called (here comes the shameless promotion) – After Breast Cancer Reviving Surviving Thriving.  I built this page for women and men who want to let go of the fear and thrive but can’t.  It has been growing slowly, very slowly, drive me crazy slowly.  Now it is doing better and the reason is simple it goes back to what the page is about.

If someone is afraid to thrive they still want the comfort of a warm fuzzy blanket and hot chocolate, so I had to change my posts.  After all it isn’t about me (while it really is) but it is about them in their minds.  I added pink photos about 3 times a week.  I don’t mean pink ribbon photos, no anything pink and relaxing to them.  I also added inspiring quotes that I borrow wherever I see them.  Yes I give credit to the original post person as that builds my credibility as a good person and I am.

This page will grow now because I am giving my likers what they came there for and they will pass the page on to others.

Are you getting this?  I use photos and videos, music and inspirational to build trust and more fans.

Just don’t get all worried about numbers of likes because I am here to tell you right now you can have 10,000 fans and zero Google spiders crawling all over your page because your content sucks.  Google loves photos, and Google loves videos even more.  I have 153 likes on my breast cancer page – and I am on the first page of Google if you search “surviving breast cancer”.  Google spiders love my page and THAT is the answer – THAT is how you grow your fans.  You must understand them first and then make it all about them. Got it?  Now get them!


2 thoughts on “Get More Likes on Facebook By Doing 1 Thing

  1. Alice M. Pirola

    Carole! You are amazing with social media woman! Love the tips you point out in this blog. So glad to be in your space – thanks!

  2. Celeste Grupman

    This has gotten us more likes, more wall posts, and more engagement than we have ever gotten before — I know we have a lot of work to do to keep the engagement going – but I was actually surprised at the results.

    We sent an email to our database explaining that Happy Grasshopper was celebrating its first birthday and asked them to do 3 things on the list below in order to get a present from our birthday grab bag — the grab bag contains: tshirts, caps, stickers, mugs, and a couple of flip cams. Here was the list:
    1. Like us and leave a review on our wall on Facebook
    2. Follow and Tweet about us
    3. Recommend us on Linkedin
    4. Refer someone
    5. Send in a video testimonial
    6. Write a blog post about us

    We have had over 50 people participate on the 1st day! Marketing success in my book.

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