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This is one of the easiest ways to pick up some new likes.  I learned it from a $97 seminar and I am going to give it to all of you here FREE!  Why because I like you and I also promised Rachel C I would write this today.

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We all know “big” pages, pages with large fan bases and what I am sharing here can help you capture some new likes to your page.  Begin by making a list of pages you would think might be of benefit to you and have that list ready to go.


When you look up at the top of your page you can see in blue whether you are posting as your page on your page or as yourself.  You need to take this one step further and go to edit page in your admin panel and when the drop down menu opens choose to post as your page there.  This is vital, it won’t work otherwise.


Now that you have yourself set up to post as your page get that list of page names and start searching for them in the Facebook search box.  When you find the page you are looking for hit their like button, and put a post on their page.  I tag them and I tag my page name when I do this and I do not say “Please like us back.”  We do not beg for likes – we want to be thought of as nice people behind our pages not beggars.


I usually write something very genteel. I tell them I like their cover picture or I like their style of posting, or I like their product.  Complement them out the kazoo without sounding sticky sweet icky.


“Hi a friend told me about your page (tag them here) and I am so glad they did.  I don’t always tag my page back first time out of the gate, and sometimes I may choose to tag it.  If for example the page you are writing to is one of those hearts and flowers inspirational pages (and I love them) with 50000 likes (and they are out there) then I will save tagging myself until I want to borrow something from their page.


For example – tomorrow comes and I check them out and sure enough there is a picture or saying I want to share.  Now I am going to do what?  Give them credit – we don’t borrow without giving credit.  So here goes: “I like this picture so much I am sharing it with my page (Tagging my page) and thank you so much (tagging their page). Double whammy cross-tagging marketing going on here.  Their fans will see this in their newsfeeds providing they engage with them, and see your page and their page in lights.  How cool is this?


I do it all the time.  Not 100 times a day, but several times a week perhaps.


Just remember to change back to your human form by choosing edit page and posting as yourself again when you are done.


Questions – contact me.


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