LinkedIn Rolls Out New Profile Design


LinkedIn on Tuesday started rolling out a revamped design for its profiles which will make it easier for users build a professional identity. The updated LinkedIn user profile is available immediately for English-language users, and will be rolled out for all users over the next few months.

Addressing a media presentation at LinkedIn headquarters, the engineering team of the professional networking website said the new profiles come with several enhancements and new features. Some of the notable enhancements are in-line editing, sidebar for adding profile sections, high resolution images and drag and drop profile sections, to sort according to users’ preferences.

LinkedIn also added a new feature for users that allow them to follow world’s ‘most respected thought leaders’ on the site. The company says the new “follow” mechanism allows users to keep up with select group of individuals, a “natural extension” of existing tools for following news feeds and organizations. The company ruled out possibilities of monetizing the new feature.

“The ability to follow thought leaders on LinkedIn allows members to engage directly in professional conversations with influencers, comment directly on professionally relevant topics, and share them with their peers,” LinkedIn said.

“For our influencers who will be regularly posting content and updates, LinkedIn offers the ability to reach the largest network of professionals around the world and be able to have professionally relevant conversations with them.”

The revamped profile redesign is quite reminiscent of the Facebook profile, though LinkedIn clarifies it has making efforts to simplify the website for some time, and that similarities to larger social networking were due to offering “the best experience for members” “simplification efforts” have been made.

The redesigned LinkedIn also offers users better access to their professional connections via “rich and visual insights on the people and companies in your network,” the company said. If you’d like to be one of the first ones to get the new LinkedIn Profile, you can sign up here.

By: Kul Bhushan

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