Why I Love the Deep South Way of Doing Things

complete with Southern hospitality.

complete with Southern hospitality.

Why I love the deep South way of doing things starts with their manners.  That is not to say that they all have perfect manners, but I am willing to bet my cheese grits that most do.

I just spent about 48 hours in Mobile, Alabama where one of my co-hosts on http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com and I spoke about a program she is a certified advisor in, Fascinate.   Yes, Robyn Sayles is a certified fascinate advisor, and I am the guinea pig who used the program and my business first doubled, than tripled.

Prior to speaking and being on Facebook Live though we had an adventure.  There was the “OMG why is there no interstate up the west coast of Florida” moment.  This was followed by the “OMG the car made a funny thunk noise and wouldn’t start after we stopped at a rest stop” moment.  Next came the “Holy (insert every curse word you know) when the car carrier truck hit his brakes and started swerving all over I-10 in the rainstorm” moment.  After that came the “We don’t do that at WalMart automotive” moment.  There were more moments but we finally arrived unharmed at our destination.

From the moment of arrival on we were in the capable hands of Johnny Gwin and his lovely wife Stacy Wellborn who took care of us with kindness.  They gave us beds to sleep in, fed us, chauffeured us, helped get my car fixed, introduced us, put me on the radio, showed us Mobile, opened doors, opened car doors, and we ended it all with speaking at their program Yard Talk in their co-working space.

Damn polite Southerners, and it was a wonderful visit.

I can’t say that there was a slower way of doing business, like people sometimes assume.  We were all tired to the point of exhaustion but then again part of that is due to two crAzy red heads turning their world upside down too.

Mobile, Alabama is a wonderful city filled with great hospitality and fantastic cheese grits – ask Robyn, that gal likes her grits.

Now you all go out and practice some of that Southern way of doing things – be nice and be polite.

Till next time when I come back in September, remember this “Come Fly With Me, I Think Outside the Net,”