Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing, are you using it?  Obviously I wouldn’t be asking this question if it were non-existent.  It exists.   In fact it is alive and well and use is increasing every day.

Mobile is it!

How is this for a fact I found on Target Marketing, “Nearly 90 percent of users’ mobile app time is spent within a user’s top five apps,” reports Greg Sterling on Thursday for Marketing Land.

Facebook is clearly the winner among top apps people use and as aggravating as the ads are that are in my newsfeed, I admit I have clicked on some of interest.

Google comes in at 2nd place and Snapchat of course follows in 3rd.

Here are some questions to ask yourself, this isn’t a test, you can grade your responses.

  1. How much time do you spend using mobile media?
  2. Do you click to see more when something interests you?
  3. How important do you think mobile ads are?
  4. Have you made a purchase from your device?

In thinking about your answers can you see how exponentially this can grow into 100’s of 1000’s and more?

What if I told you that on average people spend 87+ hours per month on their smart phones looking at whatever?

In 2015 Google stated that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan,” according to from 2 years ago.  People that number has only gone up.

Maybe thinking about where you want to spend money on marketing is the next thing you think about, right?

As always thanks for reading.


Carole L Sanek