My Podcast Interview with Bob Burg


My podcast interview with Bob Burg just went live.  I had some editing to do.  I had to put it all together and make it sound as perfect as possible.  Skype is crummy sometimes, we picked up some feedback but all in all it is a great interview.

If you are not sure who Bob is – he is a best-selling author and public speaker and he loves animals.  Right there is the reason I like Bob.  He supports his local shelter in Jupiter, Florida.

I had the great pleasure to interview Bob - it is a stellar informative interview.

I had the great pleasure to interview Bob – it is a stellar informative interview.

A very good friend of mine who has known Bob since kindergarten helped bring us together.  I have heard Bob speak.  I have read his books – maybe the titles will help you.  He wrote The Go-Giver, and he wrote Endless Referrals.  I hope these titles bring him into focus for you.

I will have the great pleasure of seeing Bob at Podcast Movement 15 in Ft. Worth the first weekend in August, and I will be getting my copies signed for sure.

In my interview we discuss The Go-Giver and the art of giving and receiving.  Yes, receiving.

This is a link to the interview and you will want to listen to it if you are looking for stratospheric success in your life, in your business, in anything.

I do have some other really cool, well-known people on my interview schedule and other than getting a little help from a friend with Bob, I just ask these people.  I simply ask.  It’s either going to be a yes or a no right?

Earlier this year someone with a large networking group asked me why I go outside our local area to be “in the know” in social media, blogging. podcasting and more.  The answer is simple – that is where I connect with people who can make my business a lot better.  Many of you have great business success in your local markets.  I happen to have a national/international business so I expand my horizons.

I am always looking for entrepreneurs with successful businesses that would like to be interviewed on my show.  Don’t be shy.  You need to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to share some marketing tips (especially an out of the box crazy one if you have one).  This is not a show to promote a new “whatever”.  If you have a new “whatever” you can contact me and we can discuss how to put you on a show.

Podcasting is the bomb and it’s here to stay.

I was thrilled to have Bob on my show and have no problem asking you to listen to it and to go to iTunes and give it a review.  Directions for doing that are on our page in our link above.

Want to be on the show?  Email me.



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