Oh No 4 People Unsubscribed


Oh no, 4 people unsubscribed to my newsletter after my last post.  I expected that (giggle).  I truly did.  I am tired of being “politically correct” although I wasn’t even talking politics.  I leave that argument for Facebook so I can piss people off there. (Just kidding I don’t flame anyone).

I have a podcast show – many of you know that.  It is called “The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show.”  Right now I am the only lady (sometimes) and it’s all good.  There will be more ladies eventually.  However I have been bad.  I haven’t recorded a show in a month, and I need to change my tune.  It is time to get behind the microphone again.  My show is under 20 minutes long, it is a drive time, work out time, nurse the baby time, show.

I don’t like long shows (sorry Dan Gilbert).  Dan has really long shows but then again he isn’t doing them weekly.

Me, I need to hop back on the podcast train and talk about being crazy, marketing, life, and whatever floats my boat that day.

This is my current FB timeline cover – I designed it.

Your life is a business.  My life is a business.  This is why I decided to go out on a limb and discuss how marketing is everything about you.  It isn’t just your mom and pop store, or your entrepreneurial start up, or your online eCommerce gig.  You are your business.  Your life is a business.  Your business is your life.  Get it?

Now you are saying to yourself, “what the hell is she talking about?”

I will tell you – here comes my secret theory.  Someone asked me if I ever take time off.  Of course I do, but my brain doesn’t.  Does yours?  When you are a creative person your brain is bombarded by all your senses all the time.  A certain scent can give you an idea.  A song can tickle your creative piano keys.  Something spicy can get your taste buds moving to another time you had spicy food in another city, 1/2 way around the world with a lover you no longer speak to any longer.  Then there is touch, I will leave that one to your imagination.

Brains don’t take vacations and ideas can come to you at the most interesting times.  Example; when I decided to change the name of my business from Social Butterfly Media Marketing to Butterfly Boom Productions I was sitting on the tram in Las Vegas riding over to the National Association of Broadcasting conference and it just hit me.

I bought that domain so fast my iPhone almost blew up.

Let me tell you something about ideas.  If you have what you think is a great idea, act on it now.  Chances are pretty darn good your idea has also landed in someone else’s brain and they might run with it as soon as it does and your idea now belongs to them.

(Darn this blog is good enough to be this week’s podcast show!)

I know you still are not sure what I am talking about.  Let me try again.

I have had my podcast for 3 seasons.  It has gone every which way but loose and I wanted to tighten it down.  I didn’t just want to talk about marketing ideas for your business because then I am one more marketing thought leader (yes I can call myself that) in a sea of thought leaders and I wanted to differentiate myself.

It took me a while but then I realized marketing isn’t just about your business.  It is about you, your life and your business (as I said above) is in your life.

I plan to be crazy enough to talk about marketing everything.  I believe this will heighten your awareness and open your mind to many over-the-top ideas that you will be encouraged to run with not sit on forever.

Got that?  I am hoping someone listening this week or reading this will be brave enough to share how a successful idea came to them.  I am willing to bet it wasn’t while they were sitting at a computer doing research, the research comes after the idea.

Thanks All and have a crazy week of ideas and creativity.

All my best,


I created a podcast show for marketing tips – it is now changing to include marketing your life.