Are People Leaving Social Media?


We all need some stress relief.

Are people leaving social media?  That question has been dancing around in my brain because I am pretty sure I am not seeing as many friends engage with me as I had in the past.

I decided to ask Google.

I found nothing.  Google did not help me.

Last week two big thought leaders in social media announced on Facebook that they are going to stop following anyone who constantly brings up politics, argues politics, is ugly mean and hateful and I thought well that would remove half of my friends I am sure.

I understand why people make these decisions.  I have had a stomach ache myself for weeks.  I am fatigued.  I am stressed.

Yesterday I stood in the book aisle of my local Sam’s Club Store and I leafed through a great book that is an adult coloring book combined with beautiful peaceful quotes.  I did not buy it.  Damn.  Now I am heading back over there to buy it because I will carve out the time to color and focus on the quotes.  The title of the book is “365 Ways to Live in Harmony”.  It is filled with pages to color and brought me peace yesterday so I went back.

I spoke about adult coloring books on my latest podcast show episode today on   Besides adult coloring books, reading a great book is a terrific escape.  Watching PBS shows like Masterpiece Theater and not a station that will blip in with the latest horrible thing that has happened also works.  Gardening, cooking, baking, walking, running, spinning, anything that takes you away from social media.  We all need to take breaks.

So are people leaving social media?  According to a thread I read today many are not necessarily leaving, they just are not using it. They are leaving temporarily.  What if you need it for business?  Well then you have a decision to make.

I created a list of people I do want to engage with and I labeled it the Kindness List.  I open Facebook and then I go right to that list, it is a mini-feed of kind people.

I also stopped following some people and I made sure I went into notifications and shut them down there.

There are things we can do, steps we can take.  We cannot control most of what is happening outside the boundaries of our own yards but we can control what happens inside the boundaries, right?