Please stop over-posting on Facebook, its extremely annoying. unfollow

A couple of years ago a mortgage lender posted at least 10 YouTube videos of his partner’s listings all in a row to Facebook.  I was at an event and relying on my iPhone to check my Facebook news-feed and BAM 10 YouTube videos of listings appeared.

This is one big example of how over-posting is a pain in the ass to people.  We use our mobile devices A LOT and when anyone jams up our news-feeds with post after post after post it is very annoying.

Fortunately we have the option on Facebook to unfollow people who do this, and in a discussion with a friend yesterday we both agreed that we are unfollowing people more than ever these days.

I liken over-posting to ads on Facebook and I know other people do too.  Facebook is starting to look at a certain styles of over-posting and these people are walking a fine line.  They are looking at people who hit the share button as if it were a slot machine.

They see something they think is important to share and they share away.  Worse yet they don’t introduce the share, or give an opinion of it, they just keep pushing share.  We have options on Facebook and one of those options is that we can remove the post and we can tell Facebook why we removed it.  Facebook pays attention to these reasons.  I know several people who actually lost their entire accounts due to doing this – why risk it?

Why do it at all?

I have a really good suggestion that could save your account, save you from being unfollowed, save your friendships – ready?

Go through your friends and put them on specific lists – separate them out to those who are really good friends, so-so friends, friends who like games, friends who like fashion ideas, friends who like natural products, friends who like dogs – you get the idea.  Then you customize your posts to those people who should be seeing what you have to say and POOF over-posting is taken care of easily.  You still get to tell your stories and spread your thoughts  but to the people who want to see this stuff.

I have every friend on a list, and I know many other people who do this same thing.  Your friends will thank you for it, I will thank you for it if you are an over-posting friend of mine.





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