Our Podcast Countdown is On


Our podcast countdown is on and it is very exciting.  It is also a lot of work because it is work-heavy at the front end.

We have spent hours getting it ready to rock out on Monday.  We have spent dollars too.  There is obvious equipment needed – like a good microphone.  There is free software to put it out there and monthly fee programs that have to be paid for also.

Thankfully I have an amazing brilliant husband and he has taken time away from his real estate business to help this podcast get on the air.  It would have been a lot more expensive if we did not have him, and taken a lot more time, in fact it might not have even happened if he had not helped.  Lawrence F. Sanek you are amazing.

Can I give him a plug?  His company is http://castledreamrealestate.com

He is very talented in real estate and podcasting.

So here we are and I am burning the midnight oil getting http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com ready for Monday.  No the website is not done.  Yes I have a lot of work yet but #CrazyMktgLadies (our Twitter handle) is going to happen ready or not.  If you go to take a peek it is totally still under construction.

I have lined up some really great thought leaders because my contribution is of course social media.

Let me start by saying I will be interviewing Ian Cleary of http://www.razorsocial.com/blog/ in the early Spring.

Who else has said yes?

Deb Cole aka Coach Deb who is an amazing social media thought leader and I can’t wait to meet her in Las Vegas this April at http://nmxlive.com/2015-lv/

Mike Mueller of http://areweconnected.com/

Deb Trappen  CEO & Founder at d11 consulting, Co-Producer at LEXI Women’s Leadership Summit and Co-Host #BreveTV at BreveTV
Katie Lance of http://katielance.com

Chris Krimitsos of http://tampabaybusinessowners.org/

Jeff Lobb of sparktankmedia.com who will be speaking on Internet safety for children

Scott Smith who excels at keywords and SEO at http://wevegotyourcustomers.com/

Karla Jo Helms of http://jotopr.com

and of course I will be talking about different crazy marketing ideas on social media and there will be more guests too.

Then there are other #CrazyMktgLadies and they will be hosting their own shows too about networking, off-line marketing, photography and a lot more too.

Yes we are getting very excited.

Please check out our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/thecrazymarketingladiesshow

Here we are:

Yes we are all crazy about marketing - and we are ready to share.

Yes we are all crazy about marketing – and we are ready to share.





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