Podcasts Recap Week Ending 8/21/16


Podcasts recap came to me out of the blue when giving a presentation on re-purposing content.  There is almost always something for everyone who is an entrepreneur or a small business owner.  That is why I thought recaps would be a great idea.


#LessThan5 (minute marketing moments) is a segment where you will find these shows (and more):

  • Monday is always content marketing and tips to be better at it.
  • Tuesday I talked about getting rid of the entrepreneur blues
  • Wednesday was how paying for a press release and then using it for FREE on social media can be better than running an ad.
  • Thursday I was inspired by the Olympics to talk about winning and losing
  • Friday is all about recaps and taking a #FocusRecess

We went live with two more #PowerWomenSpeak episodes too:

  • Episode 92 is an interview I did last March and I held it on purpose until the Olympic summer games because Faye Kitariev has coached skater to medals and the connection would be there.  She is phenomenal.  She and her family came to NYC from the Soviet Union with $360 – look at her now.
  • Episode 93 is with Jackie Campbell a local successful female CPA and entrepreneur and we go in and out of the rabbit hole of her life in a male dominated career.

Coming up this Wednesday in the segment called Interviews with Entrepreneurs is my interview with Ian Cleary of razorsocial.com

Ian is a world-wide thought leader in social media and I have known him for years.  He also break dances (not on the show though).

Our future shows following in that segment are with the two Canadian actresses of the show “HappyHer”, and Tiare Smith Woods, artist and inspiring woman.

I have already lined up some super big thought leaders for the shows that kick off Season 3 and 2017 – have I mentioned I love podcasting?

We have so much fun here.

We have so much fun here.