Podcasts. What did I talk about?  Who was on the show?  What you missed is always available.  Podcasts don’t die and blow away.  No, you can always go back and listen to what you might have missed.

I have wanted to put out a weekly recap for a while now and I finally carved out the time to do it.

On http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com last week under the segment of #LessThan 5 where I talk marketing in less than 5 minutes (duh) I gave tips, ideas and advice as follows:

Monday #LessThan5 #126 is about content marketing

Tuesday #LessThan5 #127 is about digital marketing in your small business

Wednesday #LessThan5 #128 is about #GoVirtual

Thursday #LessThan5 #129 is about the importance of friends in business

Friday #LessThan5 #130 is always #FocusRecess time

On Interviews with Entrepreneurs, Episode #90 I spoke with Sarah and Ben Guest of Cyberlicious about analytics.  While the audio was a little rough, the topic is something most of us under-appreciate or just plain do not understand.

Power Women Speak Episode #91 I went live with my interview with Jayne Arrington who is a walking, talking bundle of energy and we discuss her career in Tribal Belly Dance.  She is so inspiring.

What’s coming next week?

In honor of the Olympic games coming to a close I held my interview with Coach Faye Kitariev who choreographed Johnny Weir to a medal and coached Sasha Cohen too in the winter games.  My editor was blown away by Coach Faye’s interview.

I also plan to go live with my interview with a female CPA and we did go down the rabbit hole a couple of times in this interview.

Then there is my podcast about WWII called “The Nearness of You”.  It is housed on http://blogtalkradio.com/thenearnessofyou

I am so busy lining up interviews, talking to people about their memories, reading my dad’s love letters home and more.  I am always looking for stories and guests to be on this show.  It is growing in popularity and is near and dear to my heart.  New episode will go live this week.

My parents are in the upper right hand corner of my logo/album cover here:

Keeping the romance and memories alive.

Keeping the romance and memories alive.

Yes, I have many podcasts.  I thoroughly enjoy doing them and bringing info to you

Thank you.