What Really Happened to Me at #SMMW14


What really happened to me at #SMMW14 began with not leaving for the airport on time.  We had a 9AM flight.  We left at 6:30AM.  We live 45 minutes from Tampa International Airport and we allowed for rush hour.

What we did not allow for was that the off-site parking lot we chose only runs one shuttle van and it had left 5 minutes before we got there and a round trip is about 30 minutes.  It was 745AM now oh yeah with an hour to take off.

We literally flew to the airport, and we chose long-term parking.  Mario Andretti was behind the wheel and we were zipping in and out of parking lanes like we were at the Indy 500 narrowly averting one car also zipping in and out of parking lanes.  We saw the ramp for the next level and right there in front of the elevator was a spot with our name on it.

We ran – we jumped on the monorail, jumped off the monorail, and ran again for the tram to the gate.  Thankfully we had all carry-on bags and we had checked in online.

The gods were beaming down on us as we both got TSA pre-screening lines which means we just go through security with shoes on, computers in bags etc.

We got to the gate and I asked the Southwest Airlines agent a question and got a snarky answer.  Hmmmmm SWA not good.


On board the plane I needed my iPad and my husband was struggling to get this out when a passenger seated in front of the seat I chose said “You know you are holding up the line.”

Hmmmm passenger wrong thing to say to me at this time.  My evil twin spoke for me by asking her when the CEO of SWA had retired and left her in charge.  This got a “hmmph” from her and a lot of snickers from people who heard it.

We got to #SMMW14, a wonderful conference in social media marketing, and I was on a roll of things that made me pout.

  • I lost the heel off my pretty shoes
  • I lost an amazing earring
  • I got caught in the rain and ate dinner in damp clothes, wet shoes, and looking like a drowned rat
  • The pedi cab driver ripped us off

On the flip side of all this there were many things that made us smile, laugh and we left there with incredible new knowledge so all in all it was a great trip.  It was so great we bought our tickets for next year.

We came home with new ideas and ways to be even more successful in social media and in our businesses.  We met some of the most amazing thought leaders in social media.  We got great hugs.

Now we get to “fight” for our money from the first parking lot, we get to “fight” for a refund on the pedi cab but it’s all worth the fight because the strong prevail and nothing like being empowered by the best to make us even stronger.

Now it’s time to do some more thinking outside the net because this butterfly has a lot to do!



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