6 Reasons to Have A Facebook Page NOW

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1. The first reason to have a Facebook page is obvious – Google+ has debuted and while you wait for someone (like me) to help you with Google+ for goodness sakes get a Facebook page going.  You are familiar with Facebook, you can set up a page in minutes.

2.  The second reason is there are over 700 million people on Facebook and I guarantee you they are not all sitting around playing Bejeweled.  The majority of people are there to communicate so guys and gals pick up the mouse or touch the touch pad and start talking.

3.  Facebook pages give you an excellent opportunity to see your page name in lights every day.  Get out there, tag your page.  I do it all the time.  It puts my name in lights.  People will talk back, and you start to build rapport with them.

4.  The 4th reason is you begin to look like you know what you are talking about.  I hope to heck you really do, but in total honesty again it goes to building trust and rapport.

5.  The 5th reason is when you are consistent it builds your brand.

6.  The 6th reason goes to how easy Facebook has made it to be highly visible.  You can go to your page – change to being yourself (the real you) and post as yourself on your page.  This is sweet.  It is insane it is so cool.

People this is easy-if you think it is that hard, or too hard, I can sit on the phone with you and put your page up and running in 30 minutes.  30 more minutes gets you an explanation of the bells and whistles – so in an hour you can be out there in Facebookland with your new page building your identity and your business.

Come fly with me……and I am so darned affordable too!

Carole Sanek

The Social Butterfly Media Marketing

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