Screw It I am Taking a Risk


You read that right, screw it, I am taking a risk.  I bought a domain that I am going to use in podcasting.  It will be an interview segment with women and it will lean towards tough women, feminist women, women who are not afraid to speak their minds.

It’s a risk  Why?  The name I chose, the domain I purchased will conjure up creeps, and take people down a different path and yes I will be filtering a lot but I am willing to take the risk.  I am at an age where screw it, what difference does it make comes to mind often.

During the presidential campaign some publications had problems with the word “pussy”, others grabbed it (couldn’t resist writing that) and they ran with it.

I am going to take the risk of running with it, but I classed it up a tad.  These interviews will fall under the topic “If My Vagina Could Talk”.  No it will NOT be about sex, my podcast show is a show about marketing.  I differ because I take it from marketing your business to marketing everything including your life.  If it can be marketed, I help people market it, whatever “it” is.

I am taking the risk because marketing works well when we dare to be different.  I am taking that dare.

I also am including it as a segment in because quite frankly starting a new podcast is a lot of work and since I already have my segment called “Power Women Speak” adding a new segment of interviews with women works there.

Once upon a time I had more ladies on board with this show, now it is me, and Willie the one-eyed wonder dog, and she only barks and whines.

I dare you to try something different and I dare you to be brave enough to take a risk and do something totally outside your norm. If it scares you, start small.  If it doesn’t scare you go big.  I choose big because screw it I am taking a risk and it doesn’t scare me at all.

This is a great article about taking risks:

To take a risk you must open the door and push through.