Social Media, Love it or Leave it Alone, or Hire Us


Social media, love it or leave it alone, or hire us.  There is no middle of the road when it comes to doing it.  A half-assed attempt is just that and you will look like an entire ass.

We know there is so much out there to hook up with in social media and rule number one is you do not have to do it all.  Start small and do that well.  It takes commitment.  If that isn’t you, admit it, hire a social media company, and go out and play.

If you still want to try then start with a plan.  Ready for our secret recipe?  This is what we do for every client:

  • Goal setting plan
  • Content ideas
  • Content calendar
  • Set an ad budget
  • Curate and collect info to use
  • Post and manage posts
  • Understand analytics/insights

Taking “post and manage posts” even further – this is where most people/businesses fail.  You have to have conversations with people.  It is a must.  It takes active, genuine engagement and interaction with customers to reap the benefits of this ingredient in our recipe to social media success.

Social media content should be original, unique, relevant to the reader and align with your brand.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is “what should I post?

If you have a blog start there, if you don’t have one (yet) but there are writers you do align with share their blog (until you have your own which is vitally important).

Share articles, videos, photos, whitepapers, industry news,

If you have employees, then you can develop a social media team and remember you should be the leader.

Use the right social media platform for your content.  Facebook is great for being more casual, but LinkedIn is where your professional posts and advice should be.  If you are afraid of the little blue bird there are fabulous ways to get past those fluttering wings.  I personally answer every direct message sent to me on Twitter.  I thank everyone who re-tweets me.  I don’t sit in front of Twitter all day – there are notification programs available or you can be notified by email from Twitter.

I share my Twitter success all the time with people because Twitter is where 99% of my business comes from but it isn’t for everyone.  I have made amazing connections there and recently the producer of a big TV show started to follow me on Twitter.

It’s vital to use social media bearing in mind the word social……talk, laugh, have fun, stay away from ugly and share information.

Last of all do NOT jump in and immediately start selling to people.  Never do this, they will drop you like a hot potato.  There is always the right moment, it will come, be patient, be social, and remember this: social media, love it or leave it alone, or hire us.

Social Media Love it or Leave it Alone or hire us.

Social Media Love it or Leave it Alone or hire us.




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