Where Can Social Media Networking Take You?

To infinity ... and beyond!

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It can take you to infinity and back if you work it the right way.  The keyword in that statement is of course “work”.  Those of us who are serious about our businesses know that.  I commented on a link today that my time spent in social media is 90% business and 10% social. I preach being social because otherwise your friends have hidden you by now.  Being social builds trust too, people will want to do business with you because they feel they do know something about you.

With that being the case I will ask this again.  Where can social media networking take you? If you follow the walk I walk called the “3 C’s to (insert platform of choice) Success ” you may find yourself much in demand as a public speaker like I am.  Of course you have to like being in front of a crowd to do this with panache.  I will share with you that having people come up to you at an event and know whom you are by your face is a big ego boost.

I wanted work in the public speaking arena.  I accomplished that by using social media the right way.  Questions on that?  I got there using the 3 C’s.  Still wondering about those 3 C’s?  Ask me I am only an email away and I promise I do not try to sell you anything.  I don’t have to sell, my reputation does that for me.

Where else can social media take you?  The top post on your follower’s personal profile walls would be a good place to be.  Agree?  Or maybe to a list of people that your Twitter followers put you on because you Tweet with relevancy.

My husband’s favorite social media platform is LinkedIn.  He followed the 3 C’s and landed an interview with a national real estate company whom he contracted with for 5 years as a Broker for the ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA.  Now that’s a major accomplishment.

Just remember nothing, or almost nothing, this good happens overnight. It takes time and effort to build a following but if you build it right they will come.  Social media networking can be the method of transportation that takes you to infinity and beyond.


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