Stop Putting All Your Social Media Eggs Into One Basket


You have to stop putting all your social media eggs into one basket because you may be missing some great connections and I will be the first to tell you for example that the people on Facebook are not the same people you will circle on Google+.

If you are not Tweeting because the idea of that ruffles your feathers you may be missing many people who need what you have to help them with because Twitter is a great platform for business.  Forget Bieber, GaGa and all the celebs and concentrate on finding people who need what you have.  Twitter is not hard, but it is daunting (and guess who has a Twitter monitoring system that could make your Twitter life so much easier.?) Yes, moi.

LinkedIn success is not difficult but you do have to do a little work.  For example the best place to find your next customer or 100 customers is by joining groups.  You are rolling your eyes and thinking duh, I already knew this.  No you probably didn’t already know this—–join groups where your customers hangout, not groups of like-minded people.

I don’t belong to a whole bunch of social media groups, I belong to groups where I can solve a problem.  When I solve the problem chances are I may have a new customer.  It may not happen right away, it make take building trust, having conversations and heaven forbid, giving things away for free.

Recently someone wrote that Facebook is the barbecue – the more social site.  LinkedIn is fine dining.  We all deserve fine dining, right?

Social media needs to be spread around – not all in one basket.Social Media Eggs in One Basket


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