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Focus! Focus! Focus! I Call Bullshit on Focus!


Seriously, I call bullshit on focus especially if you are a creative spirit like me.  Let’s think about this here.  I believe that focus is the main issue behind writer’s block.  Think of every image you have ever seen when someone is experiencing writer’s block and what are they doing?  They are in a room with no windows, in front of a typewriter (years ago) or a computer (now) and the look on their faces is of sheer terror because they are stuck.  Their brain has died.  Nothing is being transmitted from their neurons to their nerve pathways that get their fingers typing.  Where is their focus now, it’s obliterated by frustration.

If there is such a thing as reincarnation then this is me 150 years ago.

If there is such a thing as reincarnation then this is me 150 years ago.

I call bullshit on focus.

I recently started a podcast show category called “Less Than 5” and I quickly give my feelings, share advice, talk, ramble, whatever in less than 5 minutes and it is knocking my show stats out of the park.  The first two weeks I felt like a blithering idiot.  Who would ever want to listen to what I have to say?  And where was I going to get new topics?

Fortunately I have been bombarded with a plethora of different topics, heck I just have to turn on the TV and a topic shows up.  I just let it in.

Why I’m calling bullshit on focus!

Last week I realized that some of the greatest people I have ever met is due to the fact that I lost focus and went in a different direction.  I was on a business cruise in November.  Business cruises come with a higher than normal cruise price tag.  Yet I found myself drawn to an art class that was being given across the hall from our meeting room.  I could smell the paint and that disturbed my focus and fired up my curiousity.

That distraction inspired me to start writing a book, and certainly not about marketing.  There are plenty of those written by bigger thought leaders than I am.  No, I am writing a book about happiness.  How did the smell of paint inspire me to write a book, you ask?  It didn’t.  We took a land excursion and we were at Dunn River Falls and that is where I met the artist.  We held hands at the base of the falls so we wouldn’t fall down as the water rushed past us.  We bonded creatively and spiritually.

Her art is beautiful, she is very creative, and we were meant to meet.  If I was always “in focus” I would not have met her, and that book idea would not have been born.

I get distracted easily, but sometimes I believe I am driven by an inner spirit to push focus aside and jump out of that intensity and land in the field of distraction where very exciting ideas happen.

There are people who should be in focus – I don’t call bullshit on doctors, accountants, attorneys, and people who practice in life with other’s lives.  I practice in life with other’s minds and emotions, and I can call bullshit on focus because doing this won’t hurt anyone.

My parents called me “flighty”.  My teachers wrote not so nice comments about me in my report cards because I did not pay attention ALL the time.  I got so good at my talent of entering into the distracted zone that I could listen to two conversations at the same time and give appropriate answers or comments when called upon.

I highly encourage anyone with a creative mind to allow distractions to happen.  Get up and move away from what you are working on and forget about it while you allow your senses to take flight and you begin to explore the world around you.  This is where creation will start and when you come back to what you are working on your mind/ brain will be over-flowing with new ideas.  Write them down quickly, don’t lose them.

Think of it as focus recess and go out there and play.