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Big News from the Butterfly


Yes, big news from the butterfly hit my front pages this week, and I don’t know how anyone of your missed it, but last Monday it was formally announced that I am presenting a session at Podcast Movement 16 in Chicago July 6-8th.  I am over the moon excited about this, and my wings have not stopped fluttering since the announcement was made.

I am presenting at Podcast Movement 16 in July this year.

I am presenting at Podcast Movement 16 in July this year.

This is big news for the butterfly.

What is really cool is that all sessions are videoed so all of us presenting can be seen again and again sharing valuable information.

I am also speaking locally at a Rotary Luncheon on social media safety, and I am speaking in Tampa at a writer’s conference about getting your work found.  Add to this that I just got invited to speak this fall in Orlando and I am not sure what I will talk about then.


I am going to be speaking about every tip and trick I have learned over the years to get “free” advertising on social media for getting your podcast found and listened to, which is the bane of everyone’s existance.  Let’s take this a step further and think outside the net.  What I will be sharing also applies to everyone with a business, I am just gearing it to podcasters for the conference.

One of the best things I have going for me is the fact that my other crAzy marketing lady is a communications coach and we will be working together on this.  (That is not a typo that is how we spell crAzy).

I am using a game show theme because I was a contestant on a national game show AND I have the video AND we will be using segments of me being very funny in my presentation.  Oh goodness I was so thin and had really big hair too.


  • Find a niche, a speciality area that other people are not talking about, not the most popular topic
  • Fill a need, look at groups on FB for example and search for the complaint common thread, address that
  • Start small and locally and get some experience under your belt and get testimonials or pass out surveys, there are many local meetups, groups, libraries, chambers of commerce where you can speak they will be thrilled to have you
  • Tell stories from personal experience
  • Let your passion for a topic show in your pitch
  • It helps to have been published, write an ebook, get it out there, or write a book.  I know one super social media conference that takes place in San Diego (hint) that wants speakers to have written a book
  • Submit, don’t let rejection get you down, everytime you submit your name is bantered about, you gain credibility
  • Better yet if you get rejected hire a communication coach (I happen to know a good one) and put some money into it and take that good coaching to the next level – the one where you get accepted.

I have done all of these and I have reference letters too.  When the opportunity came to apply to speak I was nervous, but I learned something from a pretty big thought leader in conference speaking, when you are ready to go big, come up with something brand new to talk about, because many big conferences want new people, new topics.


That’s my goal – this is the year I wanted to land the big one, now I will set a plan in motion to be a paid speaker.

Speaking of podcasts, you know I have one at but did you know that M-F I do short shows under the category of “Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments”?  No music, no intro, no outro, no editing, just raw recording (and I make mistakes).  The listener downloads are soaring which goes to prove “less is more.”

Please listen here:


We have so much fun here.

We have so much fun here.