The Best Social Media Platform for Writers is……


The best social media platform for writers is……..drum roll please.  Twitter (in our humble opinion).

Why?  We are about to give you some great reasons.


Why we feel Twitter is THE best platform for creative people.

Why we feel Twitter is THE best platform for creative people.

  • Twitter is THE social media platform for aggressively targeting the right people.
  • You don’t have to be friends/connected or circled.

We know how to work Twitter.  It takes work.  Fortunately we were schooled at the knee of a well-known Twitter chick and we studied hard.

Twitter is a strange animal for sure, but it is an over-the-top way to narrow in on just the right people you want to connect with especially if you are an author.  Oh hell yes..

However, there is a right way and a wrong way to use Twitter, and we are sorry to say most people are not using it the right way, and worse yet, they are trying the “fake it till you make it” approach.  It doesn’t work.  Don’t just Tweet to Tweet it doesn’t work.

First off, Twitter has rules – sorry.  One of their rules is the ratio.  No one really knows the secret to the ratio outside Twitter people, but here is a great rule of thumb.  You need to have more followers than people you are following.  Why?  Who the heck knows but once you follow 2000 people if your ratio is out of whack you can’t follow anyone else.  Now if you follow 2000 people and 2500 are following you back, you are golden.

If you are following 1500 people and only 300 are followiing back you may as well start over.  Worse yet those numbers can make you look like a stalker or a spammer.

Here at our company we get it.  We know how to work it.  We work it for people.

It’s Sunday (when this was written) so we are feeling gracious.  We are going to share a tip with you that we use on all our client Twitter accounts.  We go to your home page and we click on those you are following.  Get your throw-up bags ready because what follows isn’t pretty.  We go through all the people you are following and those who are not following back get dumped.  You want to follow people who follow back.  Remember the ratio?  We have wiped out client’s entire accounts and started over with great rewards.

That’s just one ingredient in our recipe of Twitter success.

We also Tweet for clients 20-30 times per day – we know the importance of having eyeballs on you.

Twitter is not Facebook – it’s better than Facebook. 100% better than Facebook especially for authors and truthfully for all creative people.

Creative people need Twitter for a gazillion different reasons and we understand the reasons.

If your numbers are out of whack you are going no where.  (Sorry!)  We love Twitter and we will do a free Twitter audit on your account.  We can’t fix it for free. (Sorry!)

The bottom line is you can learn to use Twitter and you can have amazing results – three choices:

  1. We can look at your Twitter account and go over step by step how to fix it (how fast can you take notes?)
  2. You can hire us, or someone comparable to us, to fix it for you – pricing depends on how much repair we need to do, but it’s still reasonable and you get a one-hour exit lesson included in the repair (can’t speak for anyone else).
  3. You can learn how to do all by yourself.  Do you have 3-4 solid months to spare?

There are times when one can do things without help and there are times when you should throw money at someone or at a butterfly.

We have butterfly nets – and we can turn your Twitter account around and get it headed in the right direction.




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