There’s A List for That (on Facebook).


This morning I posted a public post on Facebook asking if anyone besides me is seeing weird “Outer Limit” occurrences on Facebook.

I got all kinds of answers.

Me-I have squatters (thank you Lisa O for giving me that term).  Squatters are “friends” you never requested or accepted.  I put all friends on lists the minute I send a request OR the minute I accept a friend.  I use these lists.  I learned about lists from the one and the only Mike Mueller of and I highly recommend subscribing to this page as Mike would never steer you wrong with the exception of SantaCon but there is a reason for this – love you Mike.

I had been sending out invites to a local event and I filtered through all friends to make sure I had not missed anyone.  I saw 5-6 names I did not recognize so I wrote these names down to check them later.

Much to my surprise they were not on any of my lists which was a first clue that they had some how come into my Facebook through the outer limits, and they were/are not people I would have accepted in the first place.  Not that I am a FB snob, I just vet everyone new because I don’t like to unfriend people down the road.

Outer Limits on Facebook

The reason I use lists is because I did not do what many people do from the get-go.  I did not just keep my FB personal and to real friends only.  When business contacts started to appear I put them on lists and I use my lists.  Yes, there’s a list for that is my mantra.  I have lists for real estate people, social media people, special friends, secrets, none of your business, breast cancer related posts only, and more.  I use them religiously.  It is one extra step after writing a post to decide whom I want it to reach, and takes under 15 seconds.  Yes, there’s a list for that and more on my Facebook and that is how I catch squatters.

Mike has me on a very special list!

I actually got a lot of different complaints about changes people are seeing on Facebook and the recommendation I leave you with today is that you should check all your friends from time to time – you may find some friends you did not know you have, and find yourself humming the outer limits theme song.



2 thoughts on “There’s A List for That (on Facebook).

  1. Mike Mueller

    Thanks for the mention, especially SantaCon!

    If everyone just took a few minutes to read this post, watch what you do with lists, and then create their own list strategy – Facebook would be a much better place (for them and for us).



  2. CaroleSanek Post author

    Thank you so much – I was inspired by Lisa O of course. Then others jumped in and I thought wait a minute I know what I know because I am intelligent. Squatters happen and no I was not hacked – me of all people? LOL. Just say yes to SantaCon.


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