When Was the Last Time You Talked to your Kids About This?


I volunteer my “expertise” at our local county run job service working with graduating seniors.

These kids have already had a dose or 100 doses of drama in their lives.  They have already seen the results of bullying/angst/sexting and more.

I get up and talk about the consequences of being stupid on social media and I also make them promise to go home and Google their own names with a reminder to put their names inside quotation marks so they can see what is already out there in cyber space.

I came across this article from Forbes and thought it was important enough to share here. Kids- they just think they are safe.


Maybe if we made them write things on the blackboard 1000 times they might think before posting – wait that never stopped me from talking in class!

Say Kids What Time Is It?

Say Kids What Time Is It? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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