Trusting Your Inner Voice


Trusting your inner voice isn’t easy for many people because at times that pain-in-the-butt little voice comes up with ideas that just sound too bizarre.  I call these the voices from left field.  I listen to them, but then I have been called bizarre at times.

I usually jump in with both feet when my inner voice comes up with something, and fortunately, I must have a string of guardian angels that have my back because I land on my feet every time.

You see I trust my inner voice and that is why I land on my feet while others belly flop instead.

I have come to rely on my inner voice so much that even when it might throw me a curve ball instead of a home run idea, I still can crawl into bed and sleep soundly. I don’t ruminate over things because I learned to trust my inner voice.

By now isn’t it time to learn to trust your inner voice?  You already have everything you need inside yourself.  That same inner voice has guided you through things in the past, right?  So when it comes pouncing in like a kitten at play with an idea that is so far out of the way you normally think, what the heck are you telling it to shut up for, when it might be the best idea ever?

Next time try to listen, then think it through.  Put it on paper, have faith, learn to start to trust, because let me tell you this; landing on your feet beats a belly flop every time.

Cute kitten right?

Kitten Pounce