Twitter Morphed into Big Bird


Twitter Big BirdYes, that cute little blue bird has morphed into a Big Bird in blue..  If you use a automatic software program to follow people your wings are about to be clipped a little.

I admittedly use TweetAdder.  It makes my life simpler.  I used to be able to auto-follow 200 people a day, now with the new TweetAdder 4 I can only follow 100 people a day and there are noticeable differences in what TweetAdder 4 does now that TweetAdder 3 did not do.  If you use TweetAdder you only have until May 24th to make your changes and Twitter is watching.

Also if you are unfollowing large numbers of people all at once you might want to stop this practice too, that morphed Big Bird is watching and it is disabling Twitter accounts.

There are new rules in the TOS too.

My advice is this  – if you have TweetAdder 3, upgrade to 4.  If you use a different program to follow people ask their support team what they advise.  TweetAdder has a video on their tutorial page on using 4.

If you are unfollowing people in big numbers all at once, do it in smaller numbers.

Learn how to use Twitter’s Advanced Search option or search with key words for people to follow.  Yes, this is aggravating but we knew eventually Big Bird could arrive to clip our wings.  Nothing lasts forever.


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