Having Twitter Night Terrors


Once upon a time I was terrified of using Twitter. I called it having Twitter Night Terrors because I felt it was akin to the National Enquirer. Lots of gossipy Tweets and that did not seem to me like the proper way to be on Twitter. I would have nightmares thinking about it.  I did not have a clue as to how to use it.  I just knew it scared me.

Calm down, Twitter is very friendly if you get the right person to help.

Calm down, Twitter is very friendly if you get the right person to help.

Then a friend of mine came over not that long ago and told me she gets most of her business from Twitter and I said “No shit!”  She sat down at my kitchen counter, aka office, and showed me stuff that would make a blind man blush, then she went to her Twitter account.  Just kidding!

I headlined this article Twitter Night Terrors and well I have seen some things on Twitter that might lead to night terrors, BUT what I also saw when I finally understood Twitter was money in my pocket.  In fact I can safely say Twitter is one of the best sites to promote yourself and get business ever.

I hit good numbers in 6 weeks, and that is when lightning struck me.  I finally got what Twitter is all about and guess what?  There are thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands that do not get how to use it the right way.

If you don’t have time to do it for yourself throw money at me or others and we can do it for you.  Stop using it like every other social media platform, use it as a money tree and shake it.  I am so serious.  I found a niche for myself that I am pursuing actively.  I do #SocialMediaPR or as I call it #SocialMediaPRology on Twitter and I am still learning.  Obviously those of us who teach/maintain/manage/monitor what ever always need to be learning new tricks.

I love Twitter.  It is my favorite place to hang out.  Once upon a time I joined a group of women on FB called the Twitter Queens.  I wasn’t one (then) but now I am passed the Queen stage and working to Empress with a capital letter E.

This gal has turned Twitter Night Terrors into being  Daydream Believer and boy do I believe in Twitter.




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