Twitter is the Water Cooler in business so


Twitter is the water cooler in business so by my definition that makes FB the barbeque and LinkedIn is fine dining, in writing about my top 3 social platforms (meaning the ones I use most).

There is so much you can do on Twitter and that you need to be doing other than slapping up a Tweet or a RT.

If you do not have a Twitter strategy in place for your business for lead generation you may as well delete your account now.

I know, I know you probably think you have to have a PhD to “get” Twitter and be there 24/7.  You don’t, you can manage your Twitter account very easily.

Here at Social Butterfly Media Marketing we have a plan for ourselves and all our clients.  In fact we generate most of our business from Twitter.

Here is what we do and we are giving you all of our secret Twitter tips for F.R.E.E.

  • Follow people that your competitors follow you can do this right through Twitter, or with Manage Flitter or TweetAdder programs.
  • Follow experts in your field.
  • Follow back – especially people relevant to your business.  It’s polite and I always know who is not following us or our clients.  I use Manage Flitter for this.
  • Use the search function or try different hashtags to see who is talking the most and then follow them.
  • Create lists – this is a must and don’t over populate these lists.  Our A list people is limited to 25 top people after that there is a B list and a C list and more lists (a competition list maybe)?
  • Use an URL shortener and abbreviations.
  • Try to keep Tweets at 100 characters leaving room for RTs
  • If you are creating a hashtag make it relevant and not like those you see on FB or Instagram.
  • We use the @ symbol a lot and here is a secret to get followers – use this @symbol to a celebrity name chances are they will not respond BUT their followers might follow you (and we are talking about celebrity in your business first and don’t keep using the same celeb).
  • Switch things around and use the @symbol at the end of a Tweet
  • Quotes work.  Use the #Quotes and also hashtag the quoter.
  • What we do NOT do is sell.  We do not post spammy Tweets about how our business can make you successful on social media.
  • Always reply to people who reply to you.  We thank people for RTs always.

These tips will make things easier for you but you still need a plan.  When a client comes to us and asks us what our strategy is we show them 5-6 programs we set up and use that immediately improves their visibility on Twitter.

  • HootSuite and TweetDeck are two programs we have used in the past and they are F.R.E.E. to use with their basic programs.
  • Social Oomph is another program we have used in the past and we still recommend it to people who want to fly into Twitter on their own.
  • TweetAdder is not free – they have a one-time fee but it is an amazing place to load 500 quotes and they will rotate through your Twitter account the number of times per day you set.  You can also look for people demographically with this software or with keywords.  TweetAdder has a lot to offer.

Sorry but we are at the “end” of our F.R.E.E. advice and tips and we do have more but this article is just the tip of the iceberg.  At Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC we do use other strategies and plans however we can’t give it all away for F.R.E.E – aw shucks.

Stop dreaming do it!

Stop dreaming do it!

You can make your Twitter life easier and successful by just doing what we have suggested and if it is still not something you want to do, well the solution is simple – we can and you will be seeing more dollars.



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