I Really Don’t Want to Unfriend You on Facebook


I go back and forth on this all the time with people.  I must be the weakest link in the chain of people I know, because I just get cold feet when it comes to un-friending a person from my Facebook account.

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Cover of Friends Forever (I Am Reading)

I asked several people with high friend counts recently what the criteria is that they use to make this decision.  Mike M told me he follows his gut for some people, and he also purges his lists of MLM-ers and “get rich quick” types.

Christine E told me she removes people she doesn’t really know who jam up her news feed and that was after I asked her why she deleted me.  Seriously.  In fairness to her, I get it.  I post a lot.  I experiment with my postings too.  Sometimes I post to the public.  Other times I just post to friends.  Then I will customize and post to specific lists, and that usually means hiding my post from my “None of Your Business” list.  Christine and I do not know each other well, and in kidding around about it she sent me a friend request, but I in turn put her on my “None of Your Business” list and she rarely gets my updates on her newsfeed.  I actually added two more people to this list today because I knew in listening to them I was showing up too much.

I thought about this and decided it was time to start to use my lists more often.  I have over 850 friends, and they are all on a list, but posting to a specific list becomes a chore after a while so I get lazy and let the updates fall where they may.

However the other day I started looking at all 856 friends and I realized that some of these people have to go.  That started the nightmare of who should stay and who should go, and being that I am in business, I subscribe to the reasoning that if I choose the wrong person, I may have just lost a business opportunity.  You never know who knows whom and that is why I hesitate when it comes to removing a friend.

I prefer to unsubscribe if I have that option or to hide that person entirely.

I have not un-friended anyone in a long time.  These are my reasons:

  1. It hurts people’s feelings
  2. I don’t know who they might know
  3. I live in a smaller town
  4. If I make the wrong choice it could kill me in the world of networking.
Here are the reasons I have un-friended people in the past:
  1. I check you out, you pass my criteria, then you send me pictures of naked women at a strip club.
  2. I check you out then you tell me “I really want to be friends with your husband, he’s hot.”
  3. You have a huge cause and it is ALL you talk about and it is disgusting.
  4. You complain all the time, every day about your mother, saying horrible things about her – I am not your therapist.
I will go through my list this weekend and make some decisions, I will hide most people I am sure (I know me).  I just can’t blatantly push the delete button though, it gives me pain.
How about you?
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