If My Vagina Could Talk (It Would Ask for a Raise)

If my vagina could talk (just a fun post) it would ask for a raise.

If my vagina could talk (just a fun post) it would ask for a raise.

If my vagina could talk (it would ask for a raise) is an idea I gave in a presentation today about how provocative articles DO get opened.

3 of the 5 Crazy Marketing Ladies were invited a while back to present to a women’s group locally and my 30 minutes was all about how to get great content creation ideas.

I had gone to a local craft store to buy all their glitter covered foam tiaras because I have my audience put them on to enforce that content is what?  King.  It works very well, I must say because they do put them on their heads.

One of the secrets I tell about finding creative content ideas is to look at the cover of magazines and pull from the “come ons” they print there and convert them into great topics.

There I was buying up all the foam tiaras available at the local craft store and as I was standing in the check-out line magazines were staring me in the face.  My eyes scanned all the different titles and “comes ons” and came to rest on “Women’s Health” November 2014 issue and right there on the cover was  this:

“If your vagina could talk”.

Seriously – go look next time you are standing in the check out line. (Look fast.)

That was a moment of perfection for me in my presentation on content creation.  When the particular slide appeared where I talk about using the “come ons” from magazine front covers  I reached into my bag of props, pulled out this particular magazine and asked “are there any men in the room”?

There was one.  I figured he knew the word “vagina” and I just kept going.  Laughter rang throughout the room – and my point was proven.  Provocative works…..it gets laughs, it gets read, and you score.

Great day – great presentation – great audience – great guy!

I was told later he was from the California corporate office and he can handle “provocative”.  Good because if your vagina could talk this entire world might change, right?

It might even ask for a raise!!!!!


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