Warning Beware of the Social Media Expert


Warning beware of the social media expert!

Why did I use that title?  Simple answer – it is impossible to be an expert in or on any social media platform because things are always changing and no one can be a complete expert in a niche or across the board in social media.  I don’t like the word “expert” – it makes me cringe.

Rather than seek out the “so called experts” or “self-called experts” you might want to think about exactly what it is that you are looking for when you start searching for assistance in your marketing.

Let me explain what I do at Social Butterfly Media Marketing – I create content.  I am a writer.  I write content for others social media.  But wait, it gets better……I write original content for the most part.  Unless I am sharing a link/video/or photo, I write original content.  I am not a robot and what I write for you doesn’t get used for other clients.  I mean really?  What if your fans were their fans and the same post was there consistently?  That would make me a bad butterfly and I am not a bad butterfly.

I like what I do but I am only a part of the business.  I have people.  Yes I do.  I have people who know marketing.  I have people who know networking and connections.  I have people who understand photography in marketing.  I have 3 IT Dudes who do the technical side of the business including SEO/website design/landing page design and more.  Now if I were to use the word “expert” I would use it here, because they know what they are doing.

Me, I write.  I create content.  I am a freelance writer and people outsource their social media to my company because they can’t write.

The reason I believe outsourcing is here to stay in social media is due to the fact I am dedicated to your account, your business.  Sure you can keep it in house, but I bet dollars to donuts that you will give your in-house people other things to do and they won’t be focusing on social media.

Furthermore, have you seen the salary range for social media managers?  It’s a lot of dollars (as it should be) and then there is the benefit package.  The benefit package I offer you is a dedicated writer who writes original content and brands your business.  You are your business, you build it.  I build your brand and get you social media recognition.  There is a difference.

Here is a great link I found this week:


One last thing, I love what I do.  I love writing.  I love creating.  Did I mention I am good at it too?  But I am no expert, being good at writing works for me.

Original content only, no robots here.

Original content only, no robots here.




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